Access Control

Is having to rekey your facility due to lost and copied keys getting old? Want a better way of managing access to your building by employees or your tenants? Let us help you design a system to meet your needs that is scalable and flexible. Access control can be achieved using many technologies that allows for meeting the various needs of customers and their facility. Code compliance is very important so let us do the hard work for you and determine whether to use a traditional system, an IP system, or another product that provides a hybrid platform to ensure you have a safe and secure system to manage your facility’s access.


Are you looking for a technically superior, architecturally pleasing optical turnstile solution for high‐rise buildings, government centers, education campuses and corporate headquarters? Does your lobby need some advanced security or do you need to direct the flow of traffic with a system that will integrate with your current access control or we can work with you to provide a simple access control system. We partner with Orion Entrance Control to help provide you with an optical turnstile solution to meet your needs.

Gate Systems

Our wide array of gate styles makes it possible to protect your facility from unwanted traffic while providing a design that will blend in with the décor of your surrounding property. Our Gate Systems can incorporate multiple technologies which will enable painless entry for residents and accurate tracking for property owners. Wireless keyfobs, proximity card readers, and pin pad keypads are a few of the options used to gain access through our gate systems. Video Surveillance can be used to record vehicles and their license plates to monitor frequent visitations. Arm Gates, Swing Gates, and Sliding Gates are only a few of the options that we provide.


Intercom Systems allow for communication by individuals within a facility or outside a facility who are trying to enter the area or just communicate a simple message. Our Intercom Systems allow communication to occur in multiple ways including audio only as well as audio and video. Additionally, our systems let you lock or unlock the door at the push of a button. With our Intercom Systems, when someone knock‐knocks, you’ll no longer be asking who’s there.