Here’s a bright idea, have the ability to manage the lighting in your home from anywhere in the world using an internet connected device. Forget to turn your lights on or off? No problem, simply use your smartphone app to communicate with your system to adjust the lights accordingly. Lighting control is a cost effective way to manage your home’s energy consumption and can be used on any lighting fixture in the house. Whether you are having guests over for a dinner party or to watch a movie, Lighting Control allows you to dim the lights and set the scene.


As the seasons change and the humidity increases, water droplets collect in unwanted areas and destroy valuable goods as well as impair the integrity of structures and buildings. Our sensors alert you when the humidity within an environment elevates or drops to undesirable levels. Common applications include environments such as historical archives, wine cellars, and attics.

Interactive House

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Temperature Control

Temperature Controller allows you to monitor the temperature inside your home and keep it at your most comfortable temperatures. Temperature Control will send you an alert if your home goes above or below your desired temperatures. Monitoring the temperature of your home reduces heating and cooling costs year round:

  • Set the temperature parameters for turning the heating or air conditioning on or off from anywhere in the world.

  • Receive alerts on your smartphone or tablet when temperatures go outside of your set parameters.

  • Set the temperature of your home remotely using any internet connected device.

Water/Leak Detection

Ever have water fill your home because of a leaking pipe? With our leak detection and water shutoff options, you no longer have to worry about it. Our systems can monitor the flow of your pipes, detect leaks, turn the water source to your home on or off, and can be set up to notify you if any alarms occur. Our systems also give you the ability to turn your water system on or off from anywhere in the world using an internet connected device. That way if you do receive an alarm from a leaking pipe, you can immediately eliminate the problem at its source. Return home and step into your slippers, not your flippers…

Irrigation Control

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. With our Irrigation Control Systems, that won’t be the case. Our systems give you the ability to schedule the activation and deactivation of your sprinkler system depending on the dates and times of your choosing. Having your sprinkler system on a constant schedule is a cost effective way to manage your water resources and reduce lawn repair costs. Our systems are equipped with a Rain Detection feature that will either activate or deactivate the irrigation system depending on the amount of rainfall that has collected. You can also control your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world using an internet connected device, ensuring your lawn is properly hydrated even when you’re on vacation