IP Camera

Amazing flexibility, features, and options in High Definition quality with megapixel cameras. IP based network cameras provide a software based platform unsurpassed in scalability and flexibility. We create dedicated networks separate from your business network for increased security and protection from inside and outside threats. Feel free to use your smart phone or tablet to view your cameras while going about your regular day. Want to see a 360° view of an area, we have you covered.

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Advanced Object Tracking

HD Over Coax Cameras

Do you have analog cameras, do you want to see camera quality in HD and don’t want to run new wires for an IP based system? HD over coax provides high definition while utilizing your current coax wire runs. These systems can provide a cost effective approach to getting the HD quality you know and love with the latest features for viewing your system with your Android/Apple smartphone or tablet.

Wireless with Video Verification

Wireless cameras can offer flexibility over typical hardwired cameras however don’t be fooled by the term wireless because the camera still needs power to function properly which typically involves wiring. Completely wireless and battery operated cameras can be used and installed in a remote setting or environment, providing live video verification of events using cellular communication.

  • Do you need to get real time video to the police, so they can respond to an event in progress?
  • Can’t provide power for a camera to function or need to monitor a remote area?
  • Do you want real time alerts of an intrusion with a brief video of what’s going on?

We can provide a video verification system that will work solely on batteries and provide piece of mind knowing if the monitoring service identifies a person who doesn’t belong, the authorities will be notified. For more information about a video verification system please click here for the Videofied FAQs page.

Wireless Video Surveillance

IP based Video surveillance systems can offer the ultimate in scalability and flexibility when designed properly. It is not uncommon today to use a wireless network bridge between buildings to create a broader network seamlessly managing and operating many cameras in different locations from one point.

  • Do you have a remote location or building that needs surveillance
  • Do you have a large wooded area between your surveillance system the camera location
  • Do you have a temporary area that needs coverage
  • Does your application require solar technology for powering remotely installed equipment? We can help!