Residential Security Alarm

Our residential security systems are designed to provide you and your family peace of mind by helping to secure your property both inside and out. Our systems offer a wide array of options and technologies that are engineered to meet your specific needs and situations. Monitor your home from anywhere in the world using an internet connected device, assuring you that your family is home and more importantly, safe.

Commercial Security Alarm

Protect your employees and your property from the devastating effects of burglar intrusion. Our Sales and System Engineers work tirelessly to design and create integrated security systems that can be utilized at any and all facilities and locations. Our staff possesses the tools and capabilities to custom tailor any system to meet you’re your specific needs. There are many different factors that can harm your business, don’t let a burglar be one of them.

Interactive House

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Remote Management

Have the ability to view and manage your monitoring settings from anywhere in the world using any internet connected device. Navigating through your call list, user list, call actions, and Alarm Activity Log are only a few of the features that are included with Remote Management. Want to test your system without dispatching the authorities? Using Remote Management, you can put your system on test for a specified amount of time allowing you to test your system in its entirety without notifying emergency personnel. Remote Management keeps you up to speed on your account ensuring that your information is accurate and current.

Digital Monitoring

Using a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) line, your system will transmit digital signals to the central station who will then notify you and the proper authorities of any alarms, troubles, or miscellaneous signals on your system. This form of monitoring provides a reliable connection between you and emergency personnel around the clock.

Cellular Monitoring

Cellular Monitoring can be used as a primary form of communication to the central station or it can be used as a form of backup communication. If you are located in a remote area where using a standard phone line connection is not an option however there is a cellular signal available, cellular monitoring can be used instead. In the event a burglar cuts the phone line to your panel, having a cellular backup will still allow your system to communicate to the central station and alert the authorities.